Mario Chauca

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Mario Chauca is International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) Executive Member 2019-2021, past Director AOTS-Peru 4 years, joined the Technical and Steering Committee MWSCAS, has participated in committees in the European Union, Asia and Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Estados Unidos, Mexico, Peru. Currently, he is on committees for the 2020 AECCC 2020, ICACS 2020, SEE-USQ 2019, ICMES 2019, ICCCV 2019, ICMME 2019, ICISDM2019, ICCEE2019, DSDE2019, LACCEI2019, ICIMA2019. Chauca was observer and speaker at WEEF 2018 Albuquerque-USA, a round table at WEEF 2017 Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia. He obtained a scholarship from the AOTS Tokyo-Japan, from the National IT Industry Promotion Agency NIPA and Ministry of Science, ICT Seoul-Korea. He is a Consultant in Information and Communication Technologies in the government sector of Peru and in the United Nations Project-Inter-American Development Bank-Congress of the Republic of Peru and the Ministry of the Interior of Peru and in the private sector. He is Peruvian researcher, adviser first award paper CONEIMERA2018, adviser of the First General Award Project for more than 5000 projects in the contest from the Romero Group, adviser for first projects in congress INTERCON, CONEIMERA, and was nominated for the Graña y Montero Prize for Research in Peruvian Engineering. Nominated Peruvian Research Southern Prize 2019 and nominated research award 2018 MEXICO. He has published more than 50 papers in Peru and internationally, served as author and advisor of articles published in IEEExplore, Scopus and other database, organizer of international academic events and editor of proceedings, and advisor to the IEEE chapters at the National University of Callao and the Ricardo Palma University. He teaches at the postgraduate and undergraduate level, with 27 years of experience. He graduated as an Electronic Engineer from Ricardo Palma University in Lima Peru, obtained his master’s Degree and doctorate.

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