Low-Cost Mini Humanoid Robot Mechanical Design for Mini Humanoid Robot Contest Intercon 2021


This paper describes the mechanical design of a low-cost mini humanoid robot for the Mini Humanoid Robot Contest Intercon 2021. The objective is to provide a robot model with the appropriate characteristics to program control and locomotion applications within reach of anyone. BERT is made up of 16servomotors (DOF), distributed 10 in the legs and 6 in the arms controlled by a PCA9685 driver; the body is assembled with 3 mm thick MDF pieces, and the device that controls the robot's march is an Arduino pro mini. The mechanical design of the leg, arm, and torso provides balance to the robot and possesses enough strength to perform movements without the risk of breaking. The results show that the presented design is stable and consistent for programming control and locomotion applications.
Date of Conference: 5-7 Aug. 2021
Date Added to IEEE Xplore: 21 September 2021
ISBN Information:
Electronic ISBN:978-1-6654-1221-6
USB ISBN:978-1-6654-1220-9
Print on Demand(PoD) ISBN:978-1-6654-2971-9
Publisher: IEEE
Conference Location: Lima, Peru

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