Low-cost mechanical design of lower limbs of mini humanoid robot


For studying robot movements, stabilization, control strategies, it's necessary to take into count the design and construction it. Although there are studies in the literature on developments of new robot design forms. Usually, building and implementation are expensive. Furthermore, these are constructed with unusual materials, which are not available in most developing countries. Therefore, this work proposes the construction of the lower limbs of an accessible and low-cost mini humanoid robot with open-source implementation, that will allow the interaction of the programming in the robot for dynamic learning. Arduino nano and PCA9685 driver is used for controlling the MG90s servos and we use cardboard as the main material for the structure of the lower limbs.
Date of Conference: 5-7 Aug. 2021
Date Added to IEEE Xplore: 21 September 2021
ISBN Information:
Electronic ISBN:978-1-6654-1221-6
USB ISBN:978-1-6654-1220-9
Print on Demand(PoD) ISBN:978-1-6654-2971-9
Publisher: IEEE
Conference Location: Lima, Peru

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